AWMYTHS Chapter 10: The Night Wars
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 The Future of Chapter 9 Bot Features

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PostSubject: The Future of Chapter 9 Bot Features   Mon Jan 27, 2014 1:49 pm

Bounty System
1) Players of Korth can submit a bounty to the Shady Dealer by clicking on the shady dealer
and saying /bounty "playername" "Price" with a minimum of 1000 SP and a max of 100000 SP. A
world-wide message will appear saying that so and so placed a bounty on so and so. Players
can pickup these bounties from the shady dealer by clicking him and saying /checkbounty and
a list will appear. You can accept a bounty using the command /acceptbounty "playername"
and you will get a contract to kill this person. Once you kill this person you will automatically receive the SP.

Artifact System
1) Players of Korth can go to the Treasure Hunter and accept randomized treasure maps. Once
you click on the Treasure Hunter you can accept one by saying /acceptmap. You will get a
map that you can /use and it will give you a generalized cord estimate which wont be exact.
The player will have to get a shovel, go around that area clicking the ground attempting to
recover the treasure if you click the right cell a treasure box will appear on the ground
and you click this to recover it.. You then take it back to the Treasure Hunter and are
rewarded with SP

Title/Achievement System
1) Their will be an achievement system where players can earn titles that will boost
certain stats.. Simple enough the achievements will be released later on.

A touch up on Transportation may be implemented sometime or another.

I may end up adding some more unique stats that will give more unique gameplay. What does
everyone think about more survival-like stats such as the ability to sprint using Ctrl
for a certain amount of time based off of the stat agility.

World re-construction is still being worked on for the new chapter. Prices and items are
being modified and adjusted accordingly. New items including armors, brewables, weapons,
shields will be implemented soon as well.

More quests will be made in-world and once the new storyline is fully made and can be
implemented Chapter 9 The Rebirth of Korth will be released. If anyone has anymore ideas
please do post them. I'm all ears and trying to bring back more people into the world of
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PostSubject: Re: The Future of Chapter 9 Bot Features   Tue Jan 28, 2014 10:45 am

The Elves had a small transportation system, some still exists. The main Temple of Ash'rael was the hub, and magically connected to the other temples. It's a one way system, all lines go from Ashrael to a temple and back, you cannot connect temple to temple without returning to Ash'rael. Prolix had the beginnings of a transport system, but it was not planned either visually nor logistically enough to ever work. That's why you see rail tracks scattered here and there in Prolix. If I remember I had submitted two plans for a Prolix rail type system and could do so again.
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The Future of Chapter 9 Bot Features
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